2014 Pit Vehicle Registration & Agreement


In consideration for being permitted to utilize a motorized pit vehicle (Golf Carts) on the Track Name: Langley Speedway (the “Racetrack”) premises at any 2014 season event or activity, the vehicle owner and/or competition entrant:

1. Acknowledge and agrees that the vehicle shall be operated in compliance with the vehicle manufactures operating instructions and/or industry standards including those regarding riding/driving position and number of passengers.

2. Hereby assumes full responsibility for the risk of any bodily injury, death or property damage arising out of or related to the use of said vehicles whether caused by the negligence of owner and/or their operators, Racetrack, or pit vehicle operators or otherwise.

3. Acknowledges and agrees that all operators of said vehicles shall be at least 16 years old, have a valid state required driving license and carry adequate general liability insurance applicable to the operation of their pit vehicles and that all operators shall provide such license and other applicable credentials upon the request of a Racetrack or event official.

4. Hereby acknowledge that the use of motorized pit vehicles (Golf Carts) is dangerous and involves the risk of serious injury and/or death and/ or property damage.

5. Acknowledges that all registered pit vehicles (Golf Carts) MUST display the owner’s competition number and registration tag in a clearly visible location/manner.

6. Agrees that the pit vehicle (Golf Carts) will be operated in a responsible manner and according to all additional Racetrack regulations and instructions, including but not limited to posted speed limits, and hours of and allowed locations for operations.

7. Acknowledges and agrees that unsafe or improper operation of the pit vehicles (Golf Carts) and/or operators including but not limited to immediate impoundment of the pit vehicle, loss of racing privileges for the day for a first offense, and for the season for the second offense.

8. Must provide certificate of insurance to Racetrack.