2nd Annual Shawn Balluzzo Memorial 100


October 30



Ticket Prices

Adults: $15

Military: $13

Seniors: $13

Kids (6-12): $7

Family Four Pack (2 adults & 2 kids): $35

Race Day Schedule

10:00AM | Gates open, all teams will mount their qualifying/race tires first followed by their practice tires. If needed all qualifying/race event tires will remain in the tire impound area. Teams will be allowed to purchase up to four (4) practice tires for this event.

11:30AM – 12:00PM | Modified MANDITORY driver, crew chief and spotters meeting. Meeting will be in the pavilion VIP area in turn four (4). Drivers will pull a pill at this time for qualifying order. This is the order you will come through the building for qualifying inspection.

1:00PM | Modified Open practice three (3) rounds.

4:15PM Approx. | Modified qualifying begins (three laps = 1 scuff lap then green-white-checkered). All cars will be impounded in your pit stall backed in at a 45-degree angle and remain on the ground. Once the car is in place no team members or work is allowed at this time.

4:50PM – 5:15PM | Remove transporters from the infield (Tentative)

5:45PM | Pre-Race Ceremonies

6:00PM | Racing Begins

8:30PM Approx. | “Shawn Balluzzo Memorial 100” (Modifieds will be lined up in race order on the race surface)

The Shawn Balluzzo Memorial is a 100 lap event and will have 1 segment break. The race will have a break at or around lap 48. This will be a counting caution race except for the Break at or around lap 48 and after lap 80. Pit Road will remain closed until signaled with the green flag at the end of pit road and communicated over the radio for the break at lap 48.

This is a 4-tire race (4 for qualifying/Start). The 4 tires you qualified on are the tires you must start race on. 

All race tires must have been purchased and recorded by the tire officials at the track October 9th, 2021. Each team will also check in up to 4 tires for emergency use if you have a flat on the rim emergency. In the event of an approved emergency tire change teams will not be allowed the use of the Cone or the Free Pass for the remainder of the event. 

There will be a Break at or around lap 48. The lineup will be set prior to entering pit road and you will exit pit road in the same order, Pit Road will remain closed until the Pace Truck brings the field down pit road. Teams will remain single file on pit road and crew members will work on the car once all cars have stopped and have been communicated with that time has started. There will be a 15-minute break at this time during this caution TEAMS will have the opportunity to make any adjustment/changes. Tires will remain in the same position as entering pit road. There will be a double file restart no cone for this restart after the 15 minute break.