Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway Debuts Two Brand New Events for 2022 Performance Foodservice Day of Destruction

Hampton, VA – Without a doubt in the back of anyone’s minds, the bi-annual Day of Destruction event held every spring and fall at Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway is a fan favorite. Families from all across the seven cities, and sometime even further than that, converge on the famous .395-mile oval for a little something out of the ordinary that will keep fans on the edge of their seats. For 2022, fans and drivers alike, will have the opportunity to experience two brand new events.

“The Day of Destruction is something out of this world,” track owner Bill Mullis said. “It is something we started doing years ago at the end of the season as a way to continue having fun and kid of relax from the stress racing season puts on us racing. When the event got so big, we almost had no other choice but to offer it twice a year and the fans love it and we love seeing them pack this place full.”

The Performance Foodservice Day of Destruction is truly an event like none other. Cars will be chained together, racing around flag poles in set in the middle of the speedway, teams will work to strategically place used household appliances in their race cars all while taking laps around the speedway, full sized and compact cars are set to do battle to see who can outlast who in an all out demolition derby. Two brand features – Backseat Driver Race and Parallel Parking Race – have been added to this years event line-up.

“This weekend is supposed to be all about fun,” Promoter and General Manager Vaughn Crittenden said. “Of course with the added benefit of some healthy competition. With that being said we wanted a way to create some new interest and give the fans a chance at something different. So this year we decided to forgo the Bag Race and introduce a Back Seat Driver race. As well as see just how good some of our drivers really are and see how fast they can parallel park their race cars.” 

In the Backseat Driver race, the driver of the race car will have their hands tied behind their backs so they may only operate the throttle and the break. While their passenger, will be responsible for controlling the steering wheel. The team who can complete five laps the fastest will be declared the winner. The Parallel Parking race will feature a total of five cars who will complete five circuits. On the final lap the first car to successfully parallel park on the front stretch apron will be declared the winner and take home the price money.

In addition to the two new races, those who compete in either of the demolition derbies will see and increase in the total purse. $500 will still go to the winner but second place will now receive $350 and third place will receive $250 – an increase of $100 from 2021. The appliance race will also see a change this year as officials have now outlawed full size vehicles. Compact cars only will be allowed to compete. Last but certainly not least fans will return once again as the primary judges in this years donut burnout competition that will feature drivers from the Langley Drift Club. $300 will be on the line for the winner of this event.

Action is schedule to get underway this Saturday, March 19th, 2022 at 1 PM EDT. Come experience ten action packed events for just $15. Visit for more details, entry forms, and a full schedule of events.