Priority Automotive & Sky4 Night Race Results | June 15, 2019

Hampton, VA– You could not have asked for better weather for some Saturday Night Short Track racing in the Hampton Roads Area. After taking more than two weeks off for a Monster Truck and CARS Tour invasion but the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series returns to action at the .395-mile oval that is Langley Speedway for one hundred laps of mayhem. Joining them on this Fathers Day weekend will also be the IMCA style asphalt Modified’s, Grand Stocks, Super Trucks, and UCAR’s.

Pepsi Grand Stocks (Twin 25’s): Tim Wilson was the fastest car on the property when it was time for the Pepsi Grand Stocks to hit the speedway for their qualifying time trials laying down an 18.011-second (78.952 MPH) lap. Jimmy Adkins, Sammy Gaita, series points leader Paul Lubno, and Michael Waters finished out the fastest five starters for the first of two races.

Tim backed that effort up when the first of two 25-lap features got underway and jumped out to an early lead. Jimmy Adkins, who started the feature to his right side, gave a good fight there for a few laps but Wilson proved to be just too strong and took sole possession of the lead. Adkins immediately had to turn his attention to his rearview mirror as point’s leader Paul Lubno was looking to get by him. As Wilson was able to put distance between he and the rest of the pack, Lubno was able to get past Adkins for that second position with eight laps to go. Lubno would set his sights on Wilson for the lead but there was not enough time. Tim Wislon would collect the first checkered flag of the evening leading flag-to-flag. Paul Lubno, Jimmy Adkins, Sammy Gaita, and Michael Waters rounded out the top five.

As usual with twin races the top eight cars were inverted based on the finishing order from the first race. This put rookie Amanda Saterly on the pole with Kevin Morgan to her outside. However, before the green flag was displayed, Satterly elected to go to the rear allowing the entire inside row to move up one spot effectively handing the top spot over to Dale Nichols.

Flagman Shayne Snider displayed the green and things got racy in a hurry. Morgan got the better start on led the first couple of laps before Paul Lubno was able to make his way around on the inside and lead two laps himself. Tim Wilson, who started from the rear of the field was able to make his way up through the field and take the lead on lap number seven and never looked back from there. Jimmy Adkins gave it everything he and the car had to run down the seventeen but was just not enough. Tim Wilson would double down on the evening and win race number two.

“Rick Hester got this thing on a rail,”Wilson said in victory lane. “I got to thank my crew because we have a fast hotrod every week but sometimes I make a mistake and we don’t get there but we are here now. I would like to thank all the fans for coming out and a happy Fathers Day to all the father out there. I would like to thank my family, all my crew, and sponsors.”

At the completion of the night Tim Wilson and Paul Lubno were disqualified and paid zero points for both races.

Race 1 OFFICIAL Results;

  1. #29 Jimmy Adkins; 25
  2. #24 Sammy Gaita; 25
  3. #2 Michael Waters; 25
  4. #8 Dale Nichols (R); 25
  5. #1 Kevin Morgan; 23
  6. #51 Adam Satterly (R); 23
  7. #17 Tim Wilson; DQ
  8. #14 Paul Lubno; DQ

Race 2 OFFICIAL Results;

  1. #29 Jimmy Adkins; 25
  2. #24 Sammy Gaita; 25
  3. #2 Michael Waters; 25
  4. #1 Kevin Morgan; 25
  5. #8 Dale Nichols (R); 25
  6. #51 Amanda Satterly (R); 22
  7. #17 Tim Wilson; 25
  8. #17 Tim Wilson; DQ
  9. #14 Paul Lubno; DQ

Harris Truck Shop Super Trucks (25-laps): Rick Poust showed the fans in the stands why he is at the top of the series points standings when he captured the pole position with a time of 19.411-seconds (73.257 MPH). Defending race winner Chase McAdams will roll off the grid from the second position followed by Ryan Huff, Shannon Lester, and Keith Wheeler to complete the fastest five drivers.

Poust also backed up his pole position run and jumped out to an early lead as the Trucks roared to life for their 25-lap feature. Defending race winner Chase McAdams and Ryan Huff, however, did not let Poust get to far out of their sights running nose to tail for the first seven laps. The first caution of the evening came on lap number seven when McAdams got into the rear bumper of Poust sending him around in four handing the lead over to Ryan Huff.

Huff, however, would have issues of his own on the ensuing restart when he missed a shift allowing Keith Wheeler and Jacob Carr to get by and battle for the lead. The old racing saying “Cautions Breed Cautions” certainly proved to be true as the field saw two more cautions back to back. One for Paige Cain down the back stretch coming to a stop and the second for an incident once again between Chase McAdams and Rick Poust which ended with Post facing the wrong way on the racing surface once more.

Third time was the charm for the Harris Truck Shop Super trucks as the field was able to settle down and get into somewhat of a rhythm. Jacob Carr was able to hold off the field and open a sizable gap over the field as the battle for second heated up between Keith Wheeler and Ryan Huff. Caution number four of the evening actually came from that battle after Wheeler, who was getting passed by Huff tried to pinch Huff down the backstretch, ultimately making contact and turning into a pinball before coming to a stop in turn two.

Carr had a little more work for him in the final five laps as Poust utilized the Car Master Automotive Cone to restart on the outside front row. Poust gave Carr everything he could in those five laps racing door-to-door but just did not have enough tonight to get the job done. Defending series champion Jacob Carr would pick up his first win of the 2019 season followed by Rick Poust, Chase McAdams, Ryan Huff, and Shannon Lester rounded out the top five finishers.

“I earned that those last five laps,” Carr said in Dale Lemonds Victory Lane. “I can’t thank Rick enough for how well and how clean he drove me there at the end. I try and drive everyone as clean as I can. I know last race I had out here and it was a bit of a wreck fest. Turtle and I got in to each other a little bit and I am sorry for that. I want to thank my sponsor, my daughter Bristol.” 


  1. #88 Jacob Carr; 25
  2. #9 Rick Poust; 25
  3. #18 Chase McAdams; 25
  4. #3 Ryan Huff; 25
  5. #65 Shannon Lester; 25
  6. #27 Keith Wheeler; 25
  7. #38 Paige Cain (R); 25
  8. #16 John Babey (R); 2

Larry King Law Modifieds (50-laps):Defending race winner and points leader Shawn Balluzzo looked to continue is winning streak this weekend after laying down a blistering 16.390-second (86.760 MPH). Rick Gdovic, who is sporting a brand new car this weekend laid down the second fastest lap to earn the right to start next to Balluzzo on the front row. Matt Carter, Jamie Sample, and Brenden Queen – running double duty this evening and making his Modified debut – made up the fastest five starters.

Balluzzo jumped out to an early lead once flagman Shayne Snider dropped the rag. Matt Carter, who has been chasing Balluzzo all season, was able to use the bottom grove to get around Gdovic for second. With the top three cars settled in the racing picked up behind them for fourth with Queen taking that position and Jamie Sample settling into the fifth position.

Balluzzo continued to flex his muscle opening up more than a three second lead over Matt Carter as the first half of the 50-lap feature went caution free. Brenden Queen running the No. 47 car for the first time this weekend stayed right in the tire tracks of Rick Gdovic as the two battled for the third position. Kyle Wood, a regular at Southside Speedway, started shotgun on the field after he arrived to the speedway late and missed qualifying. He was able to make his way all the way up to the seventh position with some pretty impressive moves of his own.

Lapped cars played well with leader Shawn Balluzzo, who was once again in a league of his own tonight, has he worked his way all the way up to the sixth place machine and putting them a lap down. Balluzzo would pick up win number five by more than eight-seconds in the caution free event over Matt Carter, Rick Gdovic, Brenden Queen, and Danny Harrell.

“The car is really good,”Balluzzo commented. “The guys are doing really good. It’s the same stuff. We try and help all the other cars out here but we are just hitting on something special this year. For me I am hitting on two sides of a coin; something really bad and something really special. You don’t get a season like this on the good side and you never want something like this on the bad side. The guys know what they did and they have done a great job.”


  1. #48 Shawn Balluzzo; 50
  2. #78 Matt Carter; 50
  3. #64 Rick Gdovic; 50
  4. #47 Brenden Queen; 50
  5. #95 Danny Harrell; 50
  6. #19 Kyle Wood; 49
  7. #4 TJ Largena (R); 49
  8. #28 Jamie Sample; 49
  9. #98 Matt Morgan; 49
  10. #16 Eric McPherson; 48
  11. #19 Bubba Johnston; 31
  12. #3 Bobby Gery; 4

Bojangles UCAR (25-laps):Pole sitter Mike Farley jumped out to the early lead over Brandon Wood once the green flag was displayed. The two worked to create some distance over defending series champion Austin Davis while rookie Tyler Borden and Dean Ballew battled for fifth. Borden was able to hold the fourth position for a handful of laps until Ballew was able to battle back and create distance.

However, back up front it was Rookie of the Year Mike Farley who was in control of this 25-lap feature. Brandon Wood gave it everything he had but fell about a half second short as Farley captured his first checkered flag of his career here at Langley Speedway on Fathers Day leading every single lap.

“Seem like it took forever to get here,”Farley said. “I have a great group of people that treat me a lot better than I deserve and I have to thank them. I also want to say hello to my mom and dad watching at home, kind of cool to get a win on Fathers Day.”


  1. #11 Mike Farley (R); 25
  2. #18 Brandon Wood; 25
  3. #3 Austin Davis; 25
  4. #8 Dean Ballew; 25
  5. #2 Tyler Borden (R); 25

Parts Barn Enduro (30-laps):Derek Johnson was the lucky driver to pull the number one pill during the drivers meeting earlier in the afternoon to lead the thirty-four-car field to the green. Johnson, however, was a little slow to get the gas down which allowed Tim Vinson, Charlie Bryant Jr., and Phil Nelson to jump to the lead. Bryant was the quickest of the three and took the lead down the backstretch.

It was the Charlie Bryant show up until lap twenty-two when teammate Colby Vance and Richard Ellis was able to close the gap. The race was stopped for the fourth time for an incident in turn number two that set up a wild eight-lap dash for the finish. When the floodgates were open, Charlie Bryant and Colby Vance resumed their battle for the lead making sure to get rather physical at times as well. Vance took one shot at the lead down the back stretch with three laps to go but would be pinched so far down in the corner he actually got air born going through the ditch. Somehow he was able to keep the car straight and even track Bryant back down. He would make one last attempt at the lead before a right front tire went down handing the win over to Charlie.

Colby Vance, Richard Ellis, Alex Floroff, and Michael Joyner rounded out the top five finishers. The race saw just one leader and was stopped a total of four times.

“This is awesome,”and excited Bryant said in victory lane. “This is a great Fathers Day deal. I am just happy to be in Dale Lemonds Victory Lane at Larry King Laws Langley Speedway. Those young bucks back there are trying to take advantage of me but I just tried to hold my line and use the lap traffic to my advantage and it just kind of worked out. Man, I tell you, what a fun night, I love racing here at Langley. It just fits my style. I don’t like to ride, I want to go for it every lap, its just good stuff.”


  1. #88 Charlie Bryant; 30
  2. #44 Colby Vance; 30
  3. #41 Richard Ellis; 30
  4. #17 Alex Floroff; 30
  5. #02 Michael Joyner; 30
  6. #99 Hunter Kane; 30
  7. #73 Charles Johnson (R); 30
  8. #30 Rick Walsh (R); 30
  9. #48 Chris Kane (R); 30
  10. #3 Mikey Chinn; 29
  11. #24 Tim Vinson (R); 29
  12. #47 Nate Lundin; 29
  13. #28 William Robinson (R); 29
  14. #00 Robert Dezero (R); 29
  15. #98 Justin Fansler; 29
  16. #7 Dwight Nikles (R); 28
  17. #25 Ryan Vinson; 28
  18. #4 Wendell White; 28
  19. #74 Kevin Teeter (R); 28
  20. #13 Hayden Sheldon (R); 28
  21. #32 Vicky Connor; 28
  22. #16 Mel Vermillion (R); 27
  23. #18 Ben Wolff (R); 27
  24. #90 Nick Martin (R); 22
  25. #31 Richard Quinn; 20
  26. #33 Mike Kanary; 19
  27. #72 Derek Johnson; 18
  28. #64 Thomas Fontaine (R); 16
  29. #11 Phil Nelson; 12
  30. #54 Ricky Barbrey (R); 10
  31. #71 Brad Morningstar; 8
  32. #2 Jesse Holston; 3
  33. #6 Christian Keller; 2
  34. #86 Nicholas Hurt (R); 2
  35. #42 Jay Millirons (R): DNS

Taylor Waste Services Late Model Stocks (100-laps):Greg Edwards kept the streak alive of the pole winner getting the hole shot out of turn two. Brother Danny Edwards settled into the second position down the backstretch while Justin Carroll capitalized on the third place starting spot to keep the bottom line. A short battle for fourth ensued between Connor Hall on the bottom and Brenden Queen up top. Hall came out of that dogfight on top as well as the rear bumper of Justin Carroll for fourth. Carroll, however, had other plans as he worked his way around Danny Edwards Jr. about a quarter of the way into the feature.

First half of the 100-lap feature went caution free as Greg Edwards worked to build his almost two second lead. Good news was it was not action free. Justin Carroll came on strong early in the run getting around Danny Edwards for the second position for a handful of laps. It was as if Danny decided to flip the racing switch and turn the wick up just past lap twenty-five. He ewas able to get his nose under Carroll and take the position back. Two-time winner so far this year Connor Hall would come with him. The two would battle for a handful of laps with Hall having the advantage. Carroll, keeping true to his race plan, stayed right in the tire tracks of Hall’s Charlie Barker/Townebank Toyota and ultimately took his third place position back.

First and only caution of the evening came on lap 96 after the No. 10 of Maddy Mulligan and #9 of Rodney Boyd got together exiting turn number two. The contact between the two sent Boyd spinning into the grass and Mulligan to the rear for the contact. This created the one and only restart of the night where, older brother Danny Edwards and Brenden Queen, were the only two cars to take the cone. Greg was rock solid under pressure once the green was displayed taking the lead back as the field powered out of turn two. A quick battle ensued between Justin Carroll and Brenden Queen for third, Carroll coming out on top there.

Danny Edwards would hang on to finish in the second position followed Justin Carroll, Brenden Queen, and Connor Hall all finished in the same spot they started – within the top five.

“We drove hard right there at the end because I knew Danny [Edwards] was going to give me a shot because that’s what he needs to do,”Edwards said about the closing laps of the feature. “I want to just say happy Fathers Day to everyone and my father up in heaven. Just thank God for a clean and safe race. I just cant thank everyone enough, this is a ten year old race and keeps winning races somehow. We have a new one being built but I don’t know how soon I want to drive it the way this one keeps going.”


1) #21 Greg Edwards; 100
2) #26 Danny Edwards; 100
3) #91 Justin S. Carroll; 100
4) #03 Brenden Queen; 100
5) #77 Connor Hall; 100
6) #90 Terry Carroll; 99
7) #88 Thomas Marks; 99
8) #7 Zach Lightfoot (R); 99
9) #4 Duane Shreeves; 99
10) #2 Gracie Trotter; 99
11) #9 Rodney Boyd; 98
12) #10 Maddy Mulligan; 98
13) #25 Craig Eastep; 9