2022 Wacky Wednesdays Season Begins This Wednesday

Hampton, VA – Wacky Wednesday, the fan favorite mid-week show at Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway, is set to make its return this Wednesday, May 11th. Drivers and fans will see the return of not only some of their favorite drives and racing formats but brand new additions to entice both fans in the stands and possible new drivers on the racing surface.

As always competitors will have the opportunity to take their daily driven cars on the famous .395-mile racing surface and see what kind of lap times they are able to put down in a single car qualifying format. Each driver will have the opportunity to tackle the flat surface all alone to see if they can lay down the quickest time of the evening. Points will be awarded based on where your best time placed you in the standings that night and the fastest driver of the night will once again take home cold hard cash.

Competitors and race fans will also see the return of the double elimination One-on-One oval style drag racing. Track officials will split the racing surface in half and drivers will match up for a single lap, standing start drag race around the facility. The winners will move on to the A-Main final while the losers of the opening race go to the B-Main to fight for their right to stay in the competition and their chance at cash prizes. Returning in 2022 after a successful first season will be the One-on-One points championship. Drivers who win an A-Main feature will receive five (5) points towards the championship while the winner of the B-Main will receive three (3) points toward the championship. Also returning for the 2022 season will be the end of the month King of the Hill Challenge. Drivers who have won either an A or a B main that month are qualified to compete in this bracket style race where additional cash prizes and five (5) One-on-One championship.

2022 will also see the addition of some new incentives for both competitors and fans alike with the introduction of the Rookie Division. Brand new or first times drivers will now have a unique division of racing while they get their feet wet and feel out the racing surface and have a shot at their own prize money at the end of the night. To be eligible to compete in the Rookie Division you must be a brand new/first time driver or have not competed in a Wacky Wednesday event within the last five years. Drivers will classified in separate time attacks and will race one-on-one with other rookies for their very own winner’s purse. Drivers will be eligible for rookie status for their first four official races. In addition, Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway will be offering $3 Referral Bonus for any veteran driver who brings a rookie driver with them.    

Last but certainly not least Wacky Wednesday officials are pleased to introduce a new pay structure for the 2022 season. In addition to the Rookie Division and in the spirit to help boost car counts and create an even better show for the fans Langley Speedway will be doubling the winners purses any night more than 80 cars are registered.