Day of Destruction

October 23, 2021 | 1pm

Gates open at 10am.

Pricing Info


Adults $15

Military $13

Seniors (65 & older) $13


Driver per event $25

Enduro entry fee $50

Crew pit pass $25


1st – Reverse Race: $200 to win
Drivers must drive in reverse and backwards (clockwise) around the track 3 laps

2nd – Flag Pole Race: $200 to win
First car to complete 5 laps

3rd – Bag Race: $200 to win
Driver has a bag over their head and is directed by an in-car navigator

4th – Train Race: $200 to win
Two cars chained together race for 5 laps

5th – Appliance Race: $300 to win
First team to haul 5 appliances (one item at a time) across the finish line using their car as a hauler

6th – 2nd Place Race: $200 to finish 2nd
5 lap race with 2nd place winning prize money and 1st place winning nothing.

7th – Tug of War: $100 to win
Two cars nose-to-nose, single elimination

8th – Donut Burn Out Competition: $100 to win
Winner is decided from crowd applause

9th – Featured Enduro Race: 1st $1000, 2nd $500, 3rd $300
50 Laps – “Survival of the fittest!!”