NASCAR Night Race Results | June 29, 2019

Hampton, VA (6-29-19) It was a warm one this week at Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway as the Virginia Mini Cups were welcomed to the low banked oval. The series visits every year in a challenge against track and driver. It was also bounty hunting week in the Larry King Law Modified series as ten time Modified track champion Shawn Balluzzo, who has won them all in the 2019 season has a thousand dollar bounty to any competitor who can keep him out of Victory Lane. The evenings race program included the Cycle City Bandoleros and Legends series along with the Harris Truck Shop Super Trucks. Bojangles UCars were in action and then in twin race action were The Virginia Mini Cups and the Larry King Law Modifieds, here’s a recap of all the exciting race action.

Cycle City Corp Bandoleros 15 Laps: Cody Bryant was the fast qualifier in the Bando series posting a 20.990 second lap to earn the pole. Jacob Derrick would get the two spot on the front row as series points leader Ryley Music would start third. Green flag was shown and coming around to lead lap one would be the pole setter Cody Bryant Jr. Ryley Music picked up a spot in that same lap to second and on the rear bumper of the race leader. Jacob Derrick who got shuffled to third soon was at the bumper of Music as spots one, two and three were all nose to tail. At the halfway, great battle going on for fourth between Wyatt Philyaw and Aaliyah Paynter but back up front, the chess match for the win was going on. Latter stages as no one at the front was willing to step out as Bryant continued to lead. Final lap saw Music able to get to the bumper of Bryant but no way around, Cody Bryant Jr goes to Victory Lane. The margin of victory was .239 seconds as Bryant Jr had this to say, “It feels so awesome, they put in so many hours into it so much hard work, I just can’t thank them enough. Thank my mom, my dad, my whole entire family, everybody back at the shop, man I am just so happy”.

Unofficial Race Results:

  1. #00 Cody Bryant Jr; 15
  2. #47 Ryley Music; 15
  3. #8 Jacob Derrick; 15
  4. #22 Wyatt Philyaw; 15
  5. #14 Aaliyah Paynter; 15

Virginia Mini Cup Twin 20’s: Jim Grady claimed the pole in the afternoon time trials sporting his 19.658 second lap. Claiming the two spot would be Tyler Warriner followed by Johnny Shonk, Fred Daniels and Tyler Roach as the top five qualifiers. Green flag was shown to the grid and securing the top spot on lap one would be the pole sitter Jim Grandy. Tyler Warriner who started second seemed alright with just tucking behind Grady who laps later was seen on the bumper of the leader. Johnny Shonk would run third as Fred Davis was fourth in the early laps of the feature. Halfway in the race saw the leaders, Grady and Warriner on a torrid pace. Grady using the high line while Warriner looking underneath, lap for lap in search for a way pass the leader. Latter stages of the race saw the races first caution with four laps to go. Restart to the feature and seemingly Tyler Warriner doesn’t quite get going as race leader Jim Grady jumps to a two car length lead. Warriner would close but its Grady at the stripe for the race win, margin of victory was just .175 thousandths of a second. Grady in Victory Lane, “Yeah it’s about as much fun you can have for this kind of money, the neat thing about it is that we race side by side around tracks like this and it’s like Daytona to us”.

In the second Virginia Mini Cup race, Jim Grady would lead the grid to the green with Tyler Warriner to his side. Side by side did the two battle during the first lap as the pole sitter Grady finally secured the point. On back, third place Johnny Shonk could do was watch as the leaders quickly pulled away to settle the race feature. Halfway saw much more of the same as both Grady and Warriner were in a class of their own. It was all the lap traffic could do just to get out of the way as the battle for the lead continued. Final laps, Tyler Warriner would search for a way around the leader. But before the race could be decided, the caution comes out for the spin involving Fred Daniels. Final restart saw Grady secure the race lead as Warriner gave chase. But Grady would not be denied, Grady sweeps both events in Virginia Mini Cup action by a .532 second margin.

Race Results #1

  1. #74 Jim Grady; 20
  2. #12 Tyler Warriner; 20
  3. #85 Johnny Shonk; 20
  4. #07 Shane Zupo; 20
  5. #21 Tyler Roach; 20
  6. #5 Fred Daniels; 20
  7. #2 Jonathan Hager; 19
  8. #92 Todd Merrideth; 18
  9. #05 Scottie Roach; 18
  10. #64 Bryan Hager;

Race Results #2:

  1. #74 Jim Grady; 20
  2. #12 Tyler Warriner; 20
  3. #85 Johnny Shonk; 20
  4. #07 Shane Zupo; 20
  5. #21 Tyler Roach; 20
  6. #05 Scottie Roach; 19
  7. #64 Bryan Hager; 19
  8. #92 Todd Merrideth; 19
  9. #5 Fred Daniels; 19
  10. #2 Jonathan Hager; 15

Larry King Law Modified Twin 40’s: Shawn Balluzzo would once again take the Modified series pole with a lap set at 16.670 seconds. Bounty hunter Matt Carter would take the second starting spot as Jamie Sample, Bubba Johnston and Danny Harrell were the five quickest in qualifying. The green flag was shown and the whole shot coming out of turn two goes to Matt Carter who lead lap one. Shawn Balluzzo didn’t get the start he wanted wasted no time regrouping and back in the leader’s line. Bubba Johnston would pick up a spot showing third but then Balluzzo wanted the race lead. Race leader Matt Carter slipped in the corner and that would be all Balluzzo needed to take the race lead. Carter soon began to fall back further in the field and eventually brought out the races first caution. Back to the green, its Shawn Balluzzo securing the point as Bubba Johnston sizes up the leader going into turn one. But then Johnston felt Jamie Sample nipping at the heels as the halfway loomed. Rick Gdovic would work his way to fourth and looked to be poised to advance but back up front, Shawn Balluzzo started to pull away. Late laps in the feature during the long green flag run, the best battle found on the track was for second as Johnston and Sample continued to race. Sample later was able to take the spot just before another race caution. Final restart, Balluzzo stays on point and would hold off the charge of Jamie Sample by .641 seconds to win the first Modified feature. Balluzzo had these words, “Bobby did a great job building this car, me and him built it in three weeks. George Coleman built a flawless motor with Gene Nichols, they did a great job. I love these warm nights, we love all the race fans and supporting us, thanks everybody for being here”.

In the Modified nightcap, race one winner Shawn Balluzzo elected to start at the rear of the field for max national points as Matt Morgan would start on pole for the second feature per the NASCAR mandatory eight car invert. With the drop of the green flag its Matt Morgan on point with the early lead. Danny Harrell would run second but picking them off one by one would be Shawn Balluzzo coming through the field. Laps later, Balluzzo would make his way up to the front but race leader Matt Morgan made Balluzzo earn it before handing over the race lead. Needing just fifteen laps, Balluzzo became the leader as Morgan, Harrell, Gdovic and Sample were the top five as the halfway neared. On a tear, Shawn Balluzzo at the halfway sported a half a straightaway length lead as the best battle on the track was for fourth involving Harrell and Gdovic. With Gdovic getting the spot, soon after  the caution flew to bunch the field for the races first restart. With the green back waving, Shawn Balluzzo nails the restart and secures his race lead. Matt Morgan is there and this time, Balluzzo is not getting away. Closing laps saw Morgan maintain but never could mount the charge to get to the leader, Shawn Balluzzo wins them both in Modified series action, margin of victory was 1.700 seconds.

Race Results #1:

  1. #48 Shawn Balluzzo; 40
  2. #28 Jamie Sample; 40
  3. #4 TJ Largena; 40
  4. #19 Bubba Johnston; 40
  5. #64 Rick Gdovic; 40
  6. #95 Danny Harrell; 40
  7. #98 Matt Morgan; 40
  8. #16 Eric McPherson; 40
  9. #78 Matt Carter; 30
  10. #7 Grant Blasingame; 12

Race Results #2:

  1. #48 Shawn Balluzzo; 40
  2. #98 Matt Morgan; 40
  3. #28 Jamie Sample; 40
  4. #4 TJ Largena; 40
  5. #64 Rick Gdovic; 40
  6. #95 Danny Harrell; 40
  7. #16 Eric McPherson; 40
  8. #7 Grant Blasingame; 28
  9. #19 Bubba Johnston; 24
  10. #78 Matt Carter; 10

Cycle City Corp Legends 25 Laps: Nick Smith turned in the fast lap to claim the Legends series pole. The 18.051 second lap bettered Ryan Matthews effort who comes into the evenings racing as the series points leader. Colby Flowers, Spencer Saunders and Matt Dial completed the series five best in qualifying. As the green flag waved, outside row one starter Ryan Matthews would give it a go but pole sitter Nick Smith comes around to lead lap one. With Matthews second, Spencer Saunders, Matt Dail and Colby Flowers were the early top five. Laps later in the feature, the races first caution as David Steele and Ernie Strauss are involved in the turn three spin. Back to the green, Nick Smith would continue to lead with Ryan Matthews hot on his tail. Colby flowers would harass Spencer Saunders for third but Saunders would be a bit better to hold to position. Just before the halfway saw a three car break away as the leaders Smith, Matthews and Saunders drove away. Battle for the lead soon took place as Matthews works his way around Smith for the lead. Smith would do a good job of staying close to the leader but soon had his hands full of Saunders as they were all nose to tail. Closing laps of the race and lap traffic comes to play as Spencer Saunders was able to get by Smith for second but its Ryan Matthews by .081 seconds for the race win. Matthews had these words. “The car was strong all day, the track was loose as we usually follow the Late Models. We made some adjustments as the car was really loose as I had to not miss my marks. The last few laps, I’m not sure what the ninety nine was doing but I think he was trying to cost me a win”.

Race Results:

  1. #51 Ryan Matthews; 25
  2. #7 Spencer Saunders; 25
  3. #88 Nick Smith; 25
  4. #33 Colby Flowers; 25
  5. #07 Matt Dail; 25
  6. #17 Devon Courtney; 25
  7. #88 Ryan Center; 25
  8. #51w Bradley Wilson; 25
  9. #12 Tyler Warriner; 25
  10. #99 Sparky West; 24
  11. #4 Chris Hayes; 24
  12. #1 Ron Loper; 24
  13. #5 Ernie Strauss; 5
  14. #27 David Steele; 5

Bojangles UCar 25 Laps: Mike Farley would collect the UCar series pole boasting a 19.040 second lap, Brand Wood would start shotgun in row one. With the green shown to the grid, Mike Farley the pole sitter would lead lap one. Brandon Wood with his outside row one start would soon fall in line as the field quickly went single file. Austin Davis would pick up a spot to third as Dean Ballew who started third wanted it back. Laps later, Davis would go around courtesy of the front bumper of Dean Ballew to bring out the caution. Back to the green and holding tight to the lead would be Mike Farley. Halfway was much of the same with Farley as the leader as Wood was still within reach in second. Headed into the final laps, Brandon Wood would nip away at the lead. Lap after lap, Wood would close in but then a costly slip was all race leader Mike Farley needed to go wire to wire for the race win. Margin of victory was 1.096 seconds, Farley from Victory Lane. “Things are really coming together with the rookie stripe car, yeah I’m finally catching up with the equipment. My girls are walking down the front stretch, it’s their first time coming to a traditional car race and it’s a thrill to win while they’re here tonight’.

Race Results:

  1. #11 Mike Farley; 25
  2. #18 Brandon Wood; 25
  3. #8 Dean Ballew; 25
  4. #3 Austin Davis; 25
  5. #2 Tyler Borden; 25

Harris Truck Shop Super Trucks 25 Laps: Rick Poust would get the Super Truck series pole clicking off a 19.260 second lap. Chase McAdams would collect the second starting position as Ryan Huff, Shannon Lester and Keith Wheeler made up the series best in qualifying.Green flag would wave in the air and leading lap one would be Chase McAdams. Pole sitter Rick Poust would tuck in for second but suddenly, the races first caution. After a quick cleanup for debris, racing resumed as McAdams continued to show the way. Early mover Keith Wheeler had worked his way to third and showing to be one of the fastest trucks thus far. But back up front, McAdams lead by two truck lengths as Rick Poust in second began to close. Halfway in the feature and positions one through three were all nose to tail. Rick Poust would soon give the leader fits but in one lap Poust would gain, the next lap McAdams pulls away. Final laps and its good one, Poust gets underneath McAdams to take the race lead. From there, Rick Poust cruises to the checkered flag by a 1.062 margin. Rick Poust from Victory Lane, “Awe man, I don’t know what to say right now. That was a heck of a race, its surreal, we’ve been working so hard to get to Victory Lane. It’s a dream come true to get to stand here with you, there’s nothing like this. The Aquafina water from Rev Potter, it doesn’t get any better than this. My dad, he works his butt off on this truck, works these long hours, his back is no good but he’ll still bust his back to get us here. It’s so surreal to win in front of the family’.

Race Results:

  1. #9 Rick Poust; 25
  2. #27 Keith Wheeler; 25
  3. #18 Chase McAdams; 25
  4. #3 Ryan Huff; 25
  5. #65 Shannon Lester; 25
  6. #38 Paige Cain; 25
  7. #16 John Babey; 9
  8. #66 Wayne Lyons; 0