Reinhart Food Service Night Race Results | July 28, 2018

Hampton, VA (7-28-18) After last week’s postponement of The Hampton Heat 200 which has been rescheduled for August 18th, race action resumes with Reinhart Food Service Night at the Races. Nine races from six divisions, totaling two hundred and twenty laps were on tap in this week’s race card featuring Casey Cycle Corp Bandoleros and Legends. Bojangles Enduros were back as well with twin races from Larry King Law Modifieds, Harris Truck Shop Super Trucks and the Pepsi Grand Stocks. Headed into the latter half of the race season, race teams finding success early cannot sit back and coast. Seen in nearly every division, many race teams have found their mark and been making gains. What happens next in this week’s race action? Here’s the recap of all nine race features from Larry King Laws Langley Speedway.

Casey Cycle Corp Bandoleros 15 Laps: Autumn Weaver sat her Bando on the pole to begin the action for the Bandoleros race division. The fast lap at 21.083 seconds forced the series points leader Layton Harrison to start second in row one. Wyatt Philyaw, Ryley Music and Jacob Derrick rounded out qualifying’s five best. Green flag was given and clear out of turn two was the pole sitter Autumn Weaver. With Harrison in tow, the pole sitters lead would be brief when on lap four, Layton Harrison took the lead. With him came Philyaw, Music and Derrick when the first caution period would take to the track. Back to the green, Harrison roof lid came loose and would be black flagged handing the race lead to Wyatt Philyaw at the halfway. Action picked up with one to go when Jacob Derrick tried to get underneath the leader and spun in doing so. The caution would set up a one lap shoot out for the race win. Green flag would wave and Wyatt Philyaw had the better start who would go on to win the Bandoleros feature. Philyaw in Victory Lane, “Thank you, first I want to thank my dad and my mom. We had a great race, everybody raced really good. It was good race”.

Race Results:

  1. #22 Wyatt Philyaw; 16
  2. #47 Ryley Music; 16
  3. #4 Alek Andrecs; 16
  4. #15 Logan Clark; 16
  5. #12 Bradan Andrecs; 16
  6. #18 Autumn Weaver; 16
  7. #8d Jacob Derrick; 16
  8. #9 Aiden Millette; 16
  9. #43 Layton Harrison; 14

Larry King Laws Modifieds Twin 30’s: Robbie Babb who has been in a part time ride this year shocked the Modified regulars by earning the race pole with a lap at 16.436 seconds. Division points leader Shawn Balluzzo gave it go but fell short just by a little more of a tenth of a second starting in the two spot on the grid. Matt Carter, Bubba Johnston and Danny Harrell completed the Modified series five best in the afternoon time trials. Green flag waved to the fourteen car field and the pole sitter wasted no time establishing his lead. Matt Carter gave chase early as did Shawn Balluzzo but it wasn’t long before the leader built up a six car length lead. After a brief caution, Babb would continue to lead and when the halfway would go on the board, Babb’s lead quickly would go six lengths. Best racing on the track was for second when Matt Carter and Shawn Balluzzo would have a go. But back at the point, Robbie Babb had a scare when Todd Whitesell was all out of shape and nearly collected the leader. Latter laps saw race traffic come into play where Balluzzo made gains on the leader but laps would run out, Robbie Babb goes to Victory Lane. Robbie Babb had this to say, “Like I said, we’ve been behind the eight ball here”, claimed the race winner. “We tore up our primary car last year at Dominion Raceway so it’s been fourteen months putting this thing together, it’s been a battle. We’re getting close, were not there yet, the forty eight is good, he’ll be good in the second race, will see what we got”.

Per NASCAR’s rules, the eight car invert was given to start the second feature giving Jamie Sample the race pole. Green flag was shown to the grid and the chaos soon ensued when a big pile up in turn three took place. The wrecked retired racers Robbie Babb, Danny Harrell, Jamie Price and Rick Gdovic with Matt Morgan suffering damage but would return to duty. With the first lap never completed, the race would start over with the early lead belonging to Andrew Fortin. Shawn Balluzzo was the early mover as was Bobby Gery but for Fortin, his race lead was building. At the halfway, the race lead was seven car lengths as second place Balluzzo had his hands full dealing with the charge of Bobby Gery. Any hopes for Balluzzo and Gery to catch the race leader Fortin went out the window when lap traffic came into play. The lead would grow to be too much as Andrew Fortin would go on to win for the first time in 2018. Andrew Fortin had this to say in Victory Lane, “We go out there for the first race, find a couple things wrong with the car, tinker with it and then we go out for the second race and kicked their butt right there. Gotta thank my dad, he does a lot of work for me and my cousin, he jumped on the team this year. All y’all fans, thank you all for coming out, love you all”.

Race Results Race #1:

  1. #44 Robbie Babb; 30
  2. #48 Shawn Balluzzo; 30
  3. #51 Bubba Johnston; 30
  4. #60 Bobby Gery; 30
  5. #95 Danny Harrell; 30
  6. #18 DJ Valente; 30
  7. #5 Andrew Fortin; 30
  8. #28 Jamie Sample; 30
  9. #98 Matt Morgan; 30
  10. #47 Rick Gdovic; 30
  11. #63 Derek Roberts; 29
  12. #4l TJ Largena; 29
  13. #49 Todd Whitesell; 29
  14. #78 Matt Carter; 24

Race Results Race #2:

  1. #5 Andrew Fortin; 30
  2. #48 Shawn Balluzzo; 30
  3. #60 Bobby Gery; 30
  4. #51 Bubba Johnston; 30
  5. #18 DJ Valente; 30
  6. #49 Todd Whitesell; 29
  7. #4l TJ Largena; 29
  8. #63 Derek Roberts; 29
  9. #98 Matt Morgan; 27
  10. #28 Jamie Sample;
  11. #95 Danny Harrell;
  12. #44 Robbie Babb;
  13. #47 Rick Gdovic;

Pepsi Grand Stocks Twin 25’s: Robbie Parker had the hot wheel in Grand Stock division qualifying by collecting the race pole with a lap sat at 17.917 seconds. Tim Wilson earned his share of the front row just seventy five thousandths of a second earning the second spot on the grid. With the green waving in the air, Parker would show the grid into turn one. Enjoying the early lead, Tim Wilson would have a bit to say who was second but soon fell off the pace with issues. Brandon Hinson inherited the second spot who was being harassed by Paul Lubno in third. Lubno would eventually work his way around Hinson then turned his sights in running down the race leader as the halfway in the feature came and went. Soon after, the battle for the lead ensued when Lubno was able to get the nose underneath the leader. For several laps, the battle was clean, back and forth did they go. Final lap the battle was still clean until the final turn when the two finally touched, Paul Lubno goes to Victory Lane. Paul Lubno had these words, “Robbie is a veteran driver, he ran me clean, I ran him clean, right at the end I think we touched. Robbie was trying to go for the win just like I was and we got into each other when he broke loose, no harm no foul”.

In the second race feature, the field was inverted per NASCAR rules handing Michael Waters the race pole when Tim Wilson could not answer the bell to start the race. Green flag was in the air and Grant Blasingame took the race lead. Blasingame’s lead would go brief when Michael Waters made quick work securing the point leaving the rest to settle spots two through five. After a brief caution, Robbie Parker took a turn at the point bringing Brandon Hinson and race one winner Paul Lubno with him. Lubno soon would get by Hinson for second who then began to size up the race leader Robbie Parker as the halfway of the race was completed. Laps later, déjà vu from the first race transferred to the second when Lubno stuck his nose trying to take the race lead. Side by side, lap for lap did Parker and Lubno trade the race lead. Final lap and Paul Lubno would need the bump and run to complete the pass and would go on to sweep the Grand Stock features. Lubno in Victory Lane, “I think it was more than a bump and run, it was a lot of adrenaline going for both of us as were driving it in there as hard as it would go. It don’t always stick all the time but Robbie is a good driver. I mean, Robbie has got a fast car, he’s making it awfully hard for this old man”.

Race Results Race #1:

  1. #14 Paul Lubno; 25
  2. #24p Robbie Parker; 25
  3. #29 Brandon Hinson; 25
  4. #2m Michael Waters; 25
  5. #51 Grant Blasingame; 25
  6. #17 Tim Wilson; 5

Race Results Race #2

  1. #14 Paul Lubno; 25
  2. #24p Robbie Parker; 25
  3. #29 Brandon Hinson; 25
  4. #2m Michael Waters; 25
  5. #51 Grant Blasingame; DQ

Harris Truck Shop Super Trucks Twin 20’s: Dustin Mullins storied race season continued this week by parking his Super Truck on pole sporting his fast lap at 19.058 seconds. Keith Wheeler who had been improving each race would start second with Jacob Carr, Richard Quinn and Rick Poust the quickest in Super Truck qualifying. Green flag was shown by the flagman and the twelve truck field came to life. Dustin Mullins quickly established the race lead from the pole with Keith Wheeler in tow. But problems for Wheeler who fell off the pace and onto pit road. Jacob Carr would take advantage who soon would run down the race leader as the halfway drew near. Past the halfway in the twenty lap feature, Jacob Carr would pass the leader and soon opened up a four truck length lead. From there, it was all Jacob Carr who would go on to win the first Super Truck feature. Carr from Victory Lane, “From lap one this truck was hooked up in every turn”, said the race winner. “First off I want to thank my spotter Brian from the stands, he kept me calm the whole race. Dustin, he’s a helluva driver, he’s always up front, always hard to chase down, that was a good race”.

In the Super Truck second feature, per NASCAR rules, the eight truck invert was given to the grid. By virtue of the invert, Wayne Lyons would get the point position when the green waved. Into turn one did the field go as leader Wayne Lyons struggled to get going. Emerging as the lap one leader would go to Elysia Potter. Potter would get to lead several laps when she would go around off the bumper of Keith Wheeler to bring out the race caution. With the race back under green, Jacob Carr had the lead with Richard Quinn hot on his tail. With the halfway in the books, Quinn would continue to search for a way around the leader. Several laps go by as the late stages of the feature take shape. Both Jacob Carr and Richard Quinn would get hung out by a lap truck with Quinn getting the worst of the result. From there, that was the break Carr needed to drive away and sweep both Super Truck wins.

Race Results Race #1:

  1. #88 Jacob Carr; 20
  2. #19 Dustin Mullins; 20
  3. #9 Rick Poust; 20
  4. #62 Chase McAdams; 20
  5. # 24 Elysia Potter; 20
  6. #3 Ryan Huff; 20
  7. #65 Shannon Lester; 20
  8. #66 Wayne Lyon; 19
  9. #11 Allie Plum; 19
  10. #31 Richard Quinn; 18
  11. #53 Chris Bundy; 7
  12. #27 Keith Wheeler; 2

Race Results Race #2:

  1. #88 Jacob Carr; 20
  2. #31 Richard Quinn; 20
  3. #19 Dustin Mullins; 20
  4. #27 Keith Wheeler; 20
  5. #11 Allie Plum; 20
  6. #66 Wayne Lyon; 19
  7. #3 Ryan Huff; 8
  8. #24 Elysia Potter; 7
  9. #9 Rick Poust; 7
  10. #65 Shannon Lester; 1

Cycle City Corp Legends 25 Laps: Tommy Jackson Jr put his rocket on the pole in Legend series qualifying. The pole lap was sat at 17.836 seconds with Ryan Center earning a spot on the front row. Jamie Price, Spencer Saunders and Devon Courtney were the top five in qualifying. Green flag was shown and the pole sitter Jackson lead the field into turn one. Outside row one starter Ryan Center had an awful start to his race with Jamie Price and Spencer Saunders taking advantage. Back up front, Tommy Jackson Jr seemed to be on rails mounting up a ten car length lead before the first caution waved just shy of the halfway. Back to the green, Jackson held off Saunders charge for the race lead and soon started to rack up his race lead. Jamie Price was able to do away with Saunders for second but could not seem to chip away at Jackson’s race lead. Late stages in the race and the lead mounted to about a half a straight as Tommy Jackson Jr would go unchallenged for the win in Legends series race action for the seventh time this season. Jackson from Victory Lane. “It was good, the car was really good, the track changed quite a bit as we’ve been off a couple of weeks. We were really pleased with the car, it was good in the long run”.

Race Results (Unofficial):

  1. #87 Tommy Jackson Jr; 25
  2. #08 Jamie Price; 25
  3. #17 Devon Courtney; 25
  4. #51r Ryan Matthews; 25
  5. #7 Spencer Saunders; 25
  6. #88 Ryan Center; 25
  7. #14t Tucker Jones; 25
  8. #27 David Steele; 23

Bojangles Enduros 30 Laps: Charlie Bryant would get to start on pole based on the divisions pill draw. Race got underway as Bryant quickly established his race lead. Laps later saw Mike Joyner coming through the field as did Bill Eaker from the eleventh starting spot showing fourth in the early stages. Laps later, challenge for the race lead when Bryant had it, Joyner wanted it and soon took it. At the halfway, Mike Joyner was in full control and unchallenged as his race lead was nearly a full straightaway. Bill Eaker who would occupy second with Charlie Bryant in third would get one last shot courtesy of a late race halt to the feature. But Mike Joyner would deny the advancements and the last lap bump to go on to win the Enduro race feature. Joyner from Victory Lane, “No I wasn’t going to be denied either, they were gonna have to wreck me to win tonight. The last time the tire blew I was so disappointed and I went to get a different tire. I’m just glad to be here and thank the lord for keeping me safe, keeping everyone safe. Just thank you everybody for the race track and giving us somewhere to race”.

Race Results:

  1. #02 Mike Joyner; 30
  2. #22 Bill Eaker; 30
  3. #88 Charlie Bryant; 30
  4. #47 Nate Lundin; 29
  5. #17 Alex Floroff; 29
  6. #7 Mikey Chinn; 29
  7. #09 Brandon Franks; 28
  8. #91 Don Mosingo; 28
  9. #63 John Babey; 28
  10. #32 Vicky Connor; 28
  11. #52 Patrick Johnson; 28
  12. #77 Mike Raglan; 28
  13. #30 Rick Walsh; 28
  14. #33q Richard Quinn; 27
  15. #51 Aubry Pavlik; 21
  16. #95 Ronald Klein; 18
  17. #6k Christian Keller; 18
  18. #87d Bobby Daniels; 18
  19. #14 Mark McCavley; 12
  20. #25 Ryan Vinson; 8
  21. #84n Phil Nelson; 7
  22. #4 Wendell White