Wacky Wednesday Drivers to Compete in Inaugural Louie Pasderetz Commanders Cup May 17

Hampton, VA — For the first time in both Wacky Wednesday and the Louie Pasderetz Commanders Cup history, Wacky Wednesday drivers will have their chance to hoist the coveted trophy.

A challenge series started several years ago, and run primarily on Saturday nights close to either Armed Forces or Memorial Day, pairs drivers within the top five points of the premier division running that night — recently changed to allow all the division competing that evening a shot at the cup — with a branch of the military to represent throughout. In years past the cup went to the driver with the best finish representing that particular branch. 

“The Commanders Cup has always been one of those trophies team up and down pit road on Saturday nights fought hard for,” Media Relations and Wacky Wednesday Director said. “Since changing the format and renaming the cup in honor of Louie that has just ignited our Saturday night drivers that much more to get the best finish they can for their team. With the amount of military we have in the area and even some active or retired that race with us on Wednesday, it was time to bring that special event over to Wacky.”

Prior to the first green flag of the evening, the top six finishers from 2022 will be invited to Dale Lemonds Victory Lane. Should one of the top six drivers not be present or wish not to compete for the cup, the next available driver in points will be invited. Here each driver will draw which branch they will represent from the cup. Of the six selected drivers, the one who has the best finish in Time Attacks will win the inaugural edition of the Louie Pasderetz Commanders Cup.  

“It is an honor and a privilege to represent a branch of the service for Wacky Wednesday’s first annual Louie Pasderetz Commanders Cup,” Bruce Leithead, Jr. said when he got the call that though he finished seventh last year in points one of the top six drivers was not unable to compete. “I served 20 years in the Navy and my service ranged from Engineering to Operations, to Security Forces. I hope to honor all those who came before me and those who are continuing after me with a win Wednesday night. As Admiral Farragut once said, ‘Batten down the hatches because between the devil and the deep blue sea, I will deliver more than a shot across the bow…’ GO NAVY!”

Gates and registration will open at 6:00 PM. The drivers meeting is scheduled for 6:50 PM with the Louie Pasderetz Commanders Cup selection in Dale Lemonds victory lane at 7:00 PM. General Admission tickets are only $7 and it is only $15 to compete. Points and cash prizes are available. Visit www.langley-speedway.com/wacky-wednesday for more details. 

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