Adam Hill, Donovan Jewell, Crystal West, Justin Rest, and Sean Goodeyon Selected to Serve as Members of the Wacky Wednesday Drivers Council

Hampton, VA“Change” has been at the heart of the Wacky Wednesday leadership over the 2022-2023 off-season. Bringing new and exciting ideas to the table that benefit both the competitor and the fans in the stands without jeopardizing what has made Wacky Wednesday the event it is today — the best mid-week entertainment with some of the best street car racing in Hampton Roads.

For the first time in the event’s long-standing history at Larry King Laws Langley Speedway a five-person Drivers Council has been formed to focus on safety, fan enjoyment, growth, and refocusing on the fun of racing. Wacky Wednesday Director Justin Kern oversaw the selection of the five-person committee as members of the officiating team made their recommendations. 

“Wacky Wednesday has been a wildly successful mid-week program for years maybe even more than a decade and I think that success is what might have gotten everyone so complacent over the last few years,” Race Director Justin Kern said. “Towards the end of last season we tried a few things out of the box type things and I really think both the fans and the drivers enjoyed them. My hope and goal with this drivers council are not only are these five drivers going to be great advocates for Wacky outside of the track but they will be our extra eyes and ears on the ground for other competitors to go to if they need help, if they want to voice an opinion.”

Over the weekend the council members formalized and announced their primary goals for 2023 with emphasis on improving the overall safety of Wacky, discovering new methods to grow and enhance the event as a whole, maximizing communication, and helping foster a fun, welcoming, and inclusive environment for all by ensuring competitors do not lose sight of the spirit and enjoyment of the event while hitting their own personal goals. The council will meet on a monthly basis to discuss the progress of these goals and bring up new topics for discussion throughout the 2023 season.

Crystal West, one of the few female drivers to compete weekly in the series was honored to be selected for the committee citing her Saturday night racing roots started with Wacky Wednesday. 

“I am very honored to be part of the first Wacky [Wednesday] council,” West said after announcing their goals. “I started my racing career at Wacky and now I race in the UCAR division on Saturdays where I received Rookie of the Year and [finished] tenth in points. I am also a two-time fan favorite winner for Wacky Wednesday and am honored to return and give my fans a show! I hope this year to pack the stands and get some new faces on the track! Of course, I am trying to empower more women to come step foot and compete with us. We have a very small group of females that race and would love to see more!”

The council will be equipped with members who have not only years of experience with Wacky but who can also bring outside ideas to the table. 2022 Rookie of the Year, Justin Rest, looks to bring his experience from the autocross world to the circle track world. 

“Being a rookie last year, it is [both] surprising and a great honor to be included in the driver’s council,” Rest commented on his selection. “My background includes twenty years of autocross and track events, and I hope to bring that experience to Langley while learning all I can about the circle track world.”

“I feel privileged to be selected for the Wacky Wednesday council,” Sean Goodeyon, driver of the deep purple Honda Civic said. “I will do my best as a council member to ensure we have a fun and more importantly safe season. I am super stoked and can’t wait to get this thing moving!”

Wacky Wednesday is scheduled to kick off its 2023 campaign on Wednesday, April 26th with an open practice where drivers will have the ability to shake their cars down off the clock in preparation for the season opener. Entry into the pits will be $10 for everyone while the grandstands will be free and open to the public. The 2023 season will officially get underway the following week May 3rd.

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