Roger Sawyer & Keith Wilson Set to Make Returns to Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway in 2023

Hampton, VA — Roger Sawyer, a multi-time winner at Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway is set to make his return to Langley Speedway this weekend in a little more than three years. Sawyer, however, will not be behind the wheel of a car driving into Dale Lemonds victory lane this time but rather inspecting those very cars who landed there.

Rogers last trip out to Langley Speedway just three years ago, netted him a victory in the Parts Barn Enduro division. He will now hang up the helmet and racing gloves and take on a more technical roll at the speedway as the Lead Technical Inspector.

“Taking on a different roll is a good challenge for anyone,” Sawyer said. “It’s a different side of the game, a nice little challenge but it still racecars, still racing, its Langley Speedway. This is something I get, I know how things run and the procedures. It gives me a chance to get back and help this next generation. I am now in a position where my dad was when I am racing.” 

“I was six or seven years old when I first went out to Langley and eventually got a chance to race,” Sawyer went on to say. “Now I get to see these kids learn and prosper and have a good time and kind of help teach them the ropes is great. Langley has popped out some of the best talent over the years that some people may not know about. Even some of those guys that have been behind the scenes for ever have their children involved, it is a full circle kind of thing.”

Sawyers main focus coming into Langley will be to help turn the attention back to the racing while keeping everyone on a level playing field. His hopes is to have people talking about the action on the track and not within the tech shed. 

“I am a gear head, a metal guy, its gonna feel like home,” said Sawyer. “It is a little different for me because being behind the wheel of a car will usually lower my blood pressure and not the other way around but its going to feel like home for me. The goal would be to get back to where we aren’t talking about my name and the tech shed but the racing on track.”

Joining Mr. Sawyer in his return home to Langley Speedway is a former NASCAR Official and Technical Inspector Keith Wilson.

Langley Speedway had been home to Wilson since the late 1960s when he attended his first dirt race at the famed facility. Growing more and more in the racing community over the years Wilson would later become Sawyers crew chief through the ‘90s until he took a position as a race official in 2000. Wilson held that position until 2021 when he took a step back from the racing community for family reasons. After a two season hiatus Wilson is set to return home to Langley Speedway as the Director of Tech. He will be working closely with Roger Sawyer as well as various Langley Officials on day-to-day tasks.

“Working with roger is going to be a blessing,” Wilson commented. “[He’s] very knowledgeable and there probably isn’t a better person around when it comes to chassis stuff than Roger. I am looking to come back to make it smooth and more competitive for the racers. That way they don’t feel like anyone is trying to cheat and make it fair for everyone.”

Racing is set to continue at Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway this evening with the touring Southern Ground Pounder Modifieds, the Larry King Law Modifieds, and action packed support divisions. Grandstands open at 2:00 PM as practice gets underway. Qualifying is scheduled at 4:30 with the first green flag waving at 7:00 PM. Get your tickets now at 

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