The Rookie Division Set to Return to Wacky Wednesday in 2023

Hampton, VA – After yet another successful pilot program during the 2022 season the Rookie division will make its return to Wacky Wednesday next week, May 3rd, to open the 2023 season. 

Drivers who will be racing a Wacky Wednesday event for the first time will automatically be declared a Rookie. Those competitors returning who have not competed in an official event within the last five years will have the option to declare rookie status. 

“The Rookie division was set up to help match people with possible like skill and confidence levels up to race the first handful of times,” Wacky Wednesday Director Justin Kern said. “In a world of online video games players are matched with opponents of similar skill and that’s the goal we have in mind for our rookie division. Get them comfortable with their cars, the track, and being around others.”

As competitors are registered and are classified as Rookies, their front windshields will be marked with their number and a “R.” Following the drivers’ meeting and prior to race time these drivers will have the opportunity to stay behind and ask the officials more one on one questions. They will then be lined up towards the back of the Time Attack line to give them more time to watch and see how the event progresses. These drivers will also be a part of their own Time Attack points battle and the shot of earning Rookie of the Year Honors. 

“Rookie is an excellent pathway to getting more time on track without losing to far more experienced drivers in the first round,” 2022 Rookie of the Winner Justin Rest said. “I hope the program continues as a stepping stone for years to come!”

“Almost every series has Rookies,” 2022 Rookie of the Year runner-up Christopher Klinger states. “It’s a fun way to make friends who are also new and to grow with that group of friends as you all get a little faster every event. It’s a chance to learn the procedures of the night, [the] layout of the events, as well as your and your car’s limits. All this, without the pressure of competing with far more experienced drivers. This is the way!!

Rookies will also have their own separate 1v1 Rookie Feature if they choose. Drivers are eligible for this race up to their first four weeks of competition, after four attempts they will join the rest of the competitors. The Rookie Feature will be single elimination and pay $25 to the winner along with an invite to the A-main bracket. The runner-up of the Rookie final will receive an invite to the B-Main bracket. 

“Having the rookie division gives you the opportunity to build confidence and friends with others that are new to Wacky,” former rookie division driver Josh Torres commented. “There are a lot of groupies and feeling more welcome with the other rookies helps with that.”

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