TNCC & Pomoco Nissan Night | September 23, 2017 Race Results

Thomas Nelson Community College & Pomoco Nissan Night
Post Race Recap 9-23-17
By Mark Rogers Jr

Track Championships were once again on the line this week at Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway. Featured race divisions were the Larry King Law Modifieds, Old Skool Video Games Super Streets and Harris Truck Shops Super Trucks. Also with track championships to be decided were the Riverside Paper Pro Six’s, Cycle City Corp Bandeloros and the Bojangles Enduros. Also making the stop at the speedway were the Virginia Mini Cup Series whose racing division was also deciding a series champion with just one race date left on the schedule after Langley. Here a recap of how the evening’s racing fared.

Cycle City Corp Bandeloros 15 Laps: Bradley Kilby would pick up his fifth pole on the season in Bandeloros qualifying. His lap at 21.381 seconds was a full tenth better than Emily Day’s lap but would get her share of the front row. Green flag was in the air as Kilby would show the field of ten Bandeloros into turn one. Kilby immediately establishes the race lead as Emily Day gives chase. Several laps would go by with Kilby leading but by the halfway, second place changes hands as Connor Jones took the spot. Soon after, Jones would run down the leader but the bumper was as close as he would get to the race winner Bradley Kilby. Kilby from Victory Lane, “I like to thank my sponsors, really like to thank my parents for everything and my sponsors. Thank you so much”. Jacob Putman was the series track champion who had this to say, “Yeah, it was a great year, my dad worked so hard to get us this win and this championship. Like to thank my mom and dad for letting me do this and the man upstairs for keeping me safe”.

Race Results:
1. #5 Bradley Kilby; 15
2. #14 Connor Jones; 15
3. #18d Emily Day; 15
4. #18 Autumn Weaver; 15
5. #8 Jacob Derrick; 15
6. #3 Jacob Putman; 15
7. #43 Layton Harrison; 15
8. #48 Wesley Newell; 15
9. #22 Wyatt Philyaw; 15
10. #9 Ayden Millette; 13

Virginia Mini Cup Twin 20’s: Dean Johnson was quickest in afternoon qualifying pacing the .397 mile oval at 20.359 seconds. Johnson’s lap was just a mere eleven thousandths better then Jeff Stump’s lap for the Virginia Mini Cup pole. Trenton Kilgore, Tyler Warriner and Cory Berkstresser rounded out the five best in qualifying. Dean Johnson took the green flag to start the race but as lap one went on the board it was Jeff Stump with the race lead. Following through to take the two spot would be Trenton Kilgore in the early goings of the race event. By the halfway, the second place spot changed hands as Cory Berkstressor would get by who soon set sights on the leader. But because of the pass for second, Stump had mounted a ten Mini Cup car length lead. Final laps in the race, Stump continued to get away and would go on to win the first Mini Cup race. Stump from Victory Lane, “First of all I want to thank everyone at Langley Speedway for having us. Thank you to all the fans for coming out, first person to thank is my wife for letting me drive. Praise the Lord, this is the first race I’ve won all year. In the second feature, the invert gave Trenton Kilgore the race pole as the green flag was displayed to the field. Kilgore was off to an early race lead but by the half way, he was soon harassed by Tyler Warriner. The two battled bumper to bumper for several laps then went side by side before the lead was traded between the two. With just a few laps to go, the caution would come out bunching back up the field. Green was back out with just two laps to go and the battle began amongst the leaders, after some contact it was Trenton Kilgore as the leader and would motor on to victory in the second Virginia Mini Cup feature. Kilgore from Victory Lane, “When the caution came out I just knew I had to protect the inside. Tyler is one of the best aggressive racers with us, I just protected the inside and was able to hold them off, it was a really fun race and this is the funest track I’ve ever been to”.

Race Results: Race #1
1. #70 Jeff Stump; 20
2. #09 Cory Berkstresser; 20
3. #12 Tyler Warriner; 20
4. #02 Trenton Kilgore; 20
5. #99 Dean Johnson; 20
6. #29 Justin Herndon; 20
7. #74 Jim Grady Jr; 20
8. #01 Doug Watts; 20
9. #34 Andrew Harman; 19
10. #23 JC Craig; 19
11. #0 Johnny Shonk

Race Results Race #2:
1. #02 Trenton Kilgore; 20
2. #70 Jeff Stump; 20
3. #12 Tyler Warriner; 20
4. #01 Doug Watts; 20
5. #09 Cory Berkstresser; 20
6. #29 Justin Herndon; 20
7. #74 Jim Grady Jr; 20
8. #0 Johnny Shonk; 19
9. #34 Andrew Harman; 16
10. #99 Dean Johnson; 11

Old Skool Video Games Super Streets 40 Laps: Randy Aker’s was the Super Street pole winner putting up a 19.049 second lap. Series points leader Landon Abbott would get a share in the front row as Sammy Gaita, Jason Michaud and Sean Calway were the five best in afternoon qualifying. Green flag waved and it was the pole sitter Randy Akers showing the field past the stripe and leading lap one. Big mover early and getting the two spot on a daring three wide pass was Sean Calway who then turned his sights on race leader Randy Akers. Several laps into the race, Akers continued to lead but as the halfway went up on the board. Sammy Gaita would give Calway a shot in turn one to take the second spot. Meanwhile, the race leader was getting away when Gaita would catch a break with the races first caution. At the restart, Sammy Gaita became the race leader and this time its series points leader Landon Abbott joining in the fray as was Jason Michaud. Once single file, Sammy Gaita would get away with the lead leaving Akers and Abbott to settle the championship. Final laps now and a late race caution would bunch up the field on last time, back to the green, Gaita gets the jump and maintains the race lead. Last lap, its Sammy Gaita the race winner, Gaita from Victory Lane, “Yeah, we knew we had to come in here and win it the rest was just gonna be what it was. God had a different plan for us, the twelve car tried to keep us from it, tried to run us over. Man, I got all kinds of people here to thank, my wife and kid for putting up with all this and all the guys who help on the car”. Landon Abbott would win the Super Street championship and had this to say, “We had our work cut out and we knew it. Can’t thank Randy Akers enough, we had a good run all season long, he’s a great guy. Got to thank Langley Speedway, Bill Mullis, Chuck Hall and Old Skool Video Games for sponsoring the division. Just everybody here, this race team, I can’t thank them enough”.

Race Results:
1. #24 Sammy Gaita; 40
2. #46 Jason Michaud; 40
3. #70 Landon Abbott; 40
4. #8 Dale Nichols; 40
5. #21 Randy Akers; 40
6. #12 Sean Calway; 40
7. #5p Dale Parro; 40
8. #0 Chris Hott; 40
9. #15c Michael Gerdes; 40
10. #20 Gordon Weeks; 39
11. #22 Bill Eaker Jr; 37
12. #54 Josh Perry; 28
13. #54s Billy Newman; 27
14. #11 Chris Roberts; 25
15. #26 Louie Pasderetz; 1

Cycle City Corp Legends 25 Laps: Tommy Jackson would roll off the grid as the pole sitter posting his lap at 17.981 seconds. Cody Carlton would start shotgun with series points leader Spencer Saunders starting fourth in a highly contested Legends series champion with just a two point lead over Brian May starting in third. Green flag was in the air and Tommy Jackson Jr would lead the way but it was Cody Carlton who quickly took the lead before the first caution. Back to the green saw Carlton continue to lead with May, Jackson and Saunders all single file. Several laps later in the green flag run saw Tommy Jackson retake the race lead as the halfway would go up on the board. Meanwhile, Brian May and Spencer Saunders were running fourth and fifth on the grid in their championship hopes. But back up front saw Tommy Jackson mount a sizable lead with Carlton in tow but could not reel the leader in. Tommy Jackson Jr would go on to win, Jackson from Victory Lane, “Yeah, it was a long one, they tried to move me on lap one and that was the worst thing that they did cause that really pissed me off when they did that. The car was good, they paid for it, we tested all day yesterday, got the car right and it was good all day today. So hard work pays off, can’t thank the fans enough”. Spencer Saunders was awarded the Legends division track championship and had this to say. “Man, me and my dad were talking that all we wanted was twenty five green and clean. But that was far from the case as I hope everyone was ok from the last lap wreck. I didn’t think the race was ever gonna end, I don’t like points racing but sometimes it’s necessary like that. Brian May, congrats to him for a great season, good competitor all year.

Race Results:
1. #87 Tommy Jackson Jr; 25
2. #94 Cody Carlton; 25
3. #22 Brian May; 25
4. #7 Spencer Saunders; 25
5. #07 Matt Dail; 25
6. #08 Jamie Price; 25
7. #17 Devon Courtney; 25
8. #51 Ryan Matthews; 25
9. #31w Carter Wood; 25
10. #7l Zach Lightfoot
11. #88 Ryan Center; 25
12. #21 Lane McKee; 25
13. #31 David Brandt; 25
14. #4 Chris Hayes; 25
15. #66 Zack Wells; 4
16. #33 Colby Flowers

Riverside Paper Pro Six’s 30 Laps: Bobby Hall was the pole sitter in Super Street competition with the series championship on the line. The lap at 17.578 seconds was over a full tenth quicker of the effort by Brad Adams who earned a share of the front row. With the green waving in the air, pole sitter Bobby Hall would lead lap one. Soon after, series points leader Adam Florian would retire from the race with the series championship decided by him from merely starting the race. But back up front, it was the Bobby Hall show on display as Travis Wall would give chase. Halfway in the event, Hall was still the race leader showing at least a half a straightaway race lead but out would come the caution. Back to the green saw Hall lead the field in turn one but then contact with the leaders saw Bobby Hall going backwards. New leader would be Travis Wall as Hall continued to get bullied going back. Final laps in the event and it was Travis Wall showing the way with Brad Adams chasing but it was Wall crossing the stripe first for the race win. Wall from Victory Lane. “When I saw Bobby coming off of two I thought I was going to hit him. I was trying hard not to as I didn’t know if a caution was going to come out or not. Man, that was fun, can’t believe I did that. Thanks to mom and dad for racing all these years, Riverside Paper for sponsoring the division, man, this is cool”. Adam Florian would earn the division track championship and spoke on his season, “Directly reflects the work ethic of the crew, were always on top of it, my dad, Tommy, my brother. Thank all the fans coming out tonight, championship night here at Langley Speedway and look forward to doing some more next year”.

Race Results:
1. #44 Travis Wall; 30
2. #11 Brad Adams; 30
3. #26 Bobby Hall; 30
4. #14 JB Sipe; 30
5. #21 Tyler McLaughlin; 30
6. #98 Adam Florian; 2

Harris Truck Shop Super Trucks 25 Laps: Chase McAdams lead the Super Truck division in qualifying posting up a 19.193 second lap to take the pole. Jacob Carr would start second with his lap as series points leader Ronald Klein would start third. Klein along with the pole sitter would decide the championship with just three points separating between the two. Green flag would wave and it was Chase McAdams off to a quick start as the leader, just a few laps in saw troubles for the points leader Ronald Klein and would come to pit road. Meanwhile, McAdams continued to lead with Jacob Carr trying to run him down. Several laps later, as the halfway came and gone, McAdams continued to dominate. Carr would continue to give chase but it was Chase McAdams with the race win and the track championship. McAdams from Victory Lane, “Awesome, kinda embarrassed of my burn out skills, I lost the clutch, it is what it is. It was a fast truck, great season and great racers, everybody was tight this year. Thanks to Bill and Chuck, couldn’t do this without y’all. I’ve been on pins and needles all day, been a nervous wreck. So many circumstances that had to happen in the last couple of races, I just can’t believe that I’m standing here as a champion”.

Race Results:
1. #62 Chase McAdams; 25
2. #88 Jacob Carr; 25
3. #31 Richard Quinn; 25
4. #26b Glenn Battoia; 25
5. #3h Ryan Huff; 25
6. #24 Elysia Potter; 25
7. #66 Wayne Lyon; 24
8. #90 Keith Wheeler; 10
9. #80 Ronald Klein; 6

Larry King Law Modifieds 50 Laps: Matt Carter picked up the Modified division pole sporting a lap at 16.766 seconds. Shawn Balluzzo would start opposite of the pole sitter in row one with the track series championship well in hand. Andrew Fortin, Danny Harrell and Chris Flowers rounded out the five best in qualifying. Green flag would wave and Matt Carter easily secured the point with Balluzzo a car length away. Early stages saw Balluzzo haunt every move of race leader Matt Carter. On back it was Harrell, Flowers and Fortin the early top five then came a change at the lead. Balluzzo finally got Carter to slip and motored on by just as the halfway to the race was near. Andrew Fortin was coming through the field and needing a caution as he was able to get to third on the grid but back up front, Balluzzo continued to lead. Latter stages saw Carter get caught up in race traffic and lost a ton of time to the race leader. But in the last four laps, Carter would catch Balluzzo but couldn’t pass him as Shawn Balluzzo wins the race and the track championship. Balluzzo from Victory Lane, “I could not have done it without these guys on my crew. Everybody has worked their asses off all day long today, sorry, I mean all the guys worked hard from morning till night last two days putting the motor in. It’s great, we have got the best fans everywhere, nobody could do it without them yelling and screaming”.

Race Results:
1. #48 Shawn Balluzzo; 50
2. #78 Matt Carter; 50
3. #5 Andrew Fortin; 50
4. #60 Bobby Gery; 50
5. #95 Danny Harrell; 50
6. #33 Matt Slye; 49
7. #28 Jamie Sample; 49
8. #1 Donnie Holston; 49
9. #16 Eric McPherson; 49
10. #70 Curtis Hughes; 49
11. #63 Derek Roberts; 47
12. #73 Paul Ellis; 44
13. #51f Chris Flowers; 34

Enduros 40 laps: Robert Pellek pulled out the pole position pill to lead the sixteen car field to the green. With the green in the air, Pelleck’s lead was brief as Richard Quinn took control over the race. Wendell White, Alex Floroff, Tyler Baker and Richard Ellis were all blazing through the field in chase of the leader. With the race lead well in hand for Richard Quinn, Floroff was steadily chipping away at the lead. In the final laps, it was nose to tail for the leaders and benefiting from lap traffic, Alex Floroff would take the lead. From there it was all Floroff crossing the stripe first. Floroff from Victory Lane, “I didn’t think I would ever catch Richard Quinn but I had a few more laps in me. Want to congratulate Tyler Baker on his championship, I know that I had only did a half season but four in a row is pretty good”.
Tyler Baker wins the Enduro track championship who had this to say, “I was just thinking that was a long race, keep it clean, stay on the track and I just know I had to finish in the top ten. It’s been an awesome year racing, thank Langley Speedway for having us this year and all the guys I race with. Had a blast racing this year racing this car, in a way I’m glad it’s over but I did have a good time and will see what comes next year.

Race Results:
1. #17 Alex Floroff; 40
2. #31 Richard Quinn; 40
3. #41 Richard Ellis; 39
4. #3 Austin Davis; 39
5. #27 Tyler Baker; 39
6. #80 Ronald Klein; 38
7. #26 Robert Pellek; 38
8. #85 Robert Hiby; 38
9. #78 Derrick Johnson; 38
10. #2 Jesse Holston; 37
11. #47l Nathan Lundin; 37
12. #44 Jason Terrill; 35
13. #28 Ray Haynes; 32
14. #1d Nickie Dallert; 31
15. #33 Mike Kanary; 24
16. #4 Wendell White; 16