Wacky Wednesday Night To Highlight Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway’s Mid Week Racing Experience

Hampton, VA — As NASCAR racing returns this weekend at Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway for Mosquito Joes Night another form of racing looks ahead to the start of their 2022 championship campaign. Center stage and back under the lights Wacky Wednesday drivers will put on an exhibition race ahead of the start to their season on May 12th.

Wacky Wednesday is Langley Speedways mid-week racing event that affords the every day person if you will to bring their very own cars from their driveway and put them to the test on the historic 0.395-mile oval. For one night a week you get to take to the track under the lights and see what you have got. It allows the car enthusiast to further more dive deeper into their passion. Not to mention providing some of the most cost effective entertainment to break up your work week. 

This Saturday fellow NASCAR drivers and fans alike will get just a sneak peak into what takes place on Wednesday nights with a four car demonstration of how one-on-one drag racing works. One of the competitors this weekend is none other than 2021 Time Attack Champion Rick Stott who drives a 1996 Honda Civic CX.

“My biggest appeal to Wacky [Wednesday] is the fact that you can legally race your street car without endangering other’s lives,” Stott said when asked what drew him to compete. “We are all average people, not dedicated race crews. Anything and everything can be sent!” 

Stott, a 38 year old native of Saluda, Virginia and active member of the National Guard, took home the honors last year winning the Wacky Wednesday Time Attack Championship. A season long effort fit between dedication to his work, his home, and most importantly his wife and kids. Just like anyone that races on Saturday or Sunday winning means a lot to these drivers. 

“Honestly I don’t know how to respond,” Stott said about winning the championship. “It was humbling. I’ve always wanted to be deeper in the car scene but never really had the means to. This year we made it happen. Went from not being in the top 20 to taking the championship. It was not done alone, that’s for sure.”

With such a unique race format and oval style drag racing Wacky Wednesday is truly an event designed for anyone who can legally operate a motor vehicle. Justin Quigley and Adam Hill, from Newport News, VA, is a prime testament that Wacky Wednesday is geared towards everyone as both drivers compete in pick up trucks – Quigley in a Ford Ranger.

“I’ve been coming to Wacky for [about] ten years, racing for two,” Quigley mentioned. “I found out [about Wacky Wednesday] because I enjoyed coming out to the Saturday events and wanted to experience more of Langley. I was informed about the Wacky events from a friend. What I enjoy most about it is the family aspect, a lot of the competitors are more like brothers to me.”

Hill, who has been competing at Wacky Wednesday since 2002 and will put on a show in a long bed Ford F-150, shared similar sentiments about his time at Wacky.

“It is for all street legal cars. Anyone can compete. Plus, I can do things on the track that would other wise get me into trouble with the police on the city streets. Not to mention the price to compete is awesome.”

Wacky Wednesday is geared to get under way in just two weeks with its annual controlled practice night. Drivers will still get their allotted two laps of time trials as well as a full set of one-on-one racing, however, points will not be awarded as this gives everyone time to shake off the off-season cob webs. Have you ever wanted to see if you had what it takes to get around Langley? Have the it b to get into racing but do t know how? You might have just found your place to be on Wednesday nights. 

“I always tell people you cant beat the experience you get for $15,” 2021 Sportsman of the Year winner Donovan Jewel, who drives a 1989 Honda CRX SI with JDM H22A Swap, said “Honestly the actual track time isn’t even the best part its the quality of people you get to hang out with in the pits and the connections you make.”

In honor of Wacky Wednesday Night, season passes for the 2022 season will be on sale for just $99 now until Saturday. 

For more information on Wacky Wednesday go to www.langley-speedway.com/wacky-wednesday. Be sure to follow Wacky Wednesday on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with all things Wacky.